While VMT offers web updates to our clients at affordable rates, it is sometimes in a company's best interest to perform updates on their own. When this is the case, VMT has several training solutions to meet your needs.

Total Control

The popular blogging platform Wordpress is often used as a contact management system (CMS). When a client wants to be able to update text and graphics on their own, this is often what we implement.

VMT and our designers will make a site customized for your needs that you can then adjust the site's content as desired. Other solutions include using Adobe Contribute or software such as Dreamweaver.

Whatever option you choose, VMT will train you on each system. How to make changes, meet accessibility needs, and other requirements.

Small Updates

If your technology skills are somewhat limited, but updates by you are preferred, several options are available. Just updating text on a few pages or changing other areas are simple to include.

Major changes are handled by VMT while we show you how to adjust particular areas as you want.

VMT Updates

Simply sending updates to VMT and not doing them yourself is what many companies choose. Running your business is where you're most experienced, and should spend your time.

Update requests are completed quickly, often less than one business day after it is received. Each month's work is totaled and billed to you based upon your business rates. The more requests made within a calendar month, the better your cost.

Computer Skills

The need to be skilled with basic technology continues to grow. As advertising and basic services move online, not knowing how to access them can be a problem.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable using computers and technology. In some households, the resident computer expert may have yet to graduate from high school, or even grade school. If this sounds familiar, VMT can help in the following ways.

Technology 101

We'll help you with the basics and work our way up. Starting with questions such as, "What is a byte?" and other common terms. Best online practices and how to use some features of computers to simplify your life.

Your personal VMT trainer will work at your speed until you are ready to move on.

Tech FAQ

How do I protect my computer? With all new computers, especially those running Windows, you will need to purchase anti-virus software. This will help keep your system free from viruses, but is not a guarantee.